32d CBD Gummies packets

CBD for Seniors



100% THC-free

32d CBD Gummies packets

CBD for Seniors



100% THC-free

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Our Philosophy

Best CBD for Seniors
There are over 50 million Seniors in the United States who want to improve their daily lives.

– That's where 32d CBD comes in -

Developing the best CBD products support seniors' Health and Wellness.


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32d CBD Proprietary Blend for Seniors

Science-based CBD Products for Senior Health & Wellness

After years of research and testing, 32d CBD's Chief Science Officer and Chemist, Lance Niemann has created the optimal formulas of CBD products for seniors.

32d CBD is what you need


3000 mg CBD

2000 mg TERPENES


Menthol or Natural Scent



More than


people trust THC-free CBD
to help improve their daily lives.


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Our Commitment

CBD relief for seniors. Scientists at 32d CBD have produced the most advanced and effective CBD-based products in the world. We have the highest quality organic hemp in the United States. Organic fields provide our 100% pure CBD that is always third-party tested for purity and concentration. 

By combining a unique mixture of CBD and our organic terpenes in a “patent pending” process we provide the highest level of active compounds giving the maximum entourage effect. Our unique formulations are formulated to specifically offer relief, comfort and holistically balance the body. Our products have the optimized concentration of CBD and terpenes providing the greatest effectiveness at the lowest price.


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Our Community

At 32d CBD, we are committed to the education of our Community so everyone can make the best choices for their wellbeing.

Whether it's CBD oils or topical creams, people feel confident in our CBD products.

We are committed to providing the latest informational resources and the best ways to use our products. Your health profile and challenges are unique, and we understand that.

We are in this together and with the right information - you can choose the optimal products for great sleep, relief and soothing calmness.

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The Highest-Rated CBD Product


Our Test Group Participants

Our Test Group's satisfaction with our CBD products is the most important reason for our launch. We're in the business of helping our Customers live their best lives.

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The Highest-Rated CBD Product

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The Best in Nature
We've developed today's most
Advanced and Effective Formulas

We discovered the best in nature to bring out the best in you,
from the highest-quality hemp CBD to a vast array of proven active ingredients and botanicals.