Special Launch @ The Villages in Florida

The highest quality CBD products for seniors

32d CBD fits perfectly at The Villages, FL

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Quality Sourcing

Every single ingredient used is meticulously sourced and lab tested. We are committed to creating new and refining existing formulas that set new standards for quality and efficacy. You can see it in the standards for our THC-free, terpene-optimized CBD cream.

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Innovative Processes

32d CBD operates under strict Food and Drug Administration guidelines while using state-of-the-art processes. Not only does this enhance the quality of our natural proprietary formula. It also ensures our products are unsurpassed in  potency, quality, and consistency. Please read our Certificates of Analysis.

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Exceptional Products

Not all CBD is created equal. We believe that if you want to create the best products available, unsurpassed quality must be a priority at every stage. With this as a mandate, we can achieve the industry-leading standard of excellence.

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What makes 32d CBD special for residents of The Villages?

32d CBD products are specifically formulated for seniors, especially for those who are active or wish to be more comfortably active like residents of The Villages.

32d started because our chemist, Lance Neimann, discovered an incredibly effective CBD formula, one that provided real benefits to issues common to seniors.

THC-free CBD use has taken off in The Villages, Florida because of its health and wellness benefits and lack of psychoactive effects. CBD shows great potential for muscle soreness, joint discomfort, stress, sleep problems and skin conditions.

Health and wellness is our ultimate goal. 32d CBD doesn’t compromise on quality. We are committed to producing the safest, most effective CBD products for seniors like those at The Villages. We honor this commitment in our carefully crafted products and our meticulous manufacturing procedures.

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32d = THC-free CBD's Breakthrough Solution