CBD Muscle Relief Cream

Most powerful CBD formula available

As people age, they will begin to experience aches and annoyances that naturally occur during the aging process. One of the best remedies for this type of discomfort could be CBD topical cream. As our understanding of CBD progresses, it has been discovered that CBD can be instrumental in relieving soreness like muscle aches and neck aches. If you are experiencing aches like these, it could be time to consider CBD as an effective option for relieving your aches. Below, we detail some of the benefits of CBD topical muscle relief cream and what it can offer you. 

CBD and Muscle Relief

A very pertinent CBD health benefit for seniors includes its ability to relieve muscle aches, which is one of the most common annoyances experienced by seniors and younger people alike. CBD works by interacting with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain, which later results in muscle relief and a sense of well-being through anxiety relief.


When our CBD topical muscle relief cream is applied to the skin, it is absorbed through the skin, which activates the endocannabinoid system through those receptors. It should be noted that while CBD and THC derive from the same plant, they have many different effects on the body. While THC is the psychoactive component typically associated with the marijuana plant that provides the stereotypical effects of the plant, CBD is not psychoactive in that way and does not make users feel high. You can read more about CBD vs. THC topical cream here. 

CBD for Neck Muscle Discomfort

Neck muscle discomfort is one of the most common symptoms that people experience. Neck aches like this can make it difficult to sleep and conduct everyday activities. CBD topical muscle relief cream also works for this kind of muscle discomfort. The best CBD topical cream for discomfort like this is our CBD cream with menthol. This provides a cooling effect on top of the ache relief that CBD and terpenes provide and a more natural effect than similar creams like Bengay and Icy Hot. Neck muscle aches like these could also be treated with our other products, including our natural creams.

CBD Topical Cream for Itchy Skin

The cooling effect that our CBD creams with menthol provide helps to alleviate itchy skin. While the cooling effect provided by the menthol certainly alleviates itchy and irritable skin, our products come with terpene. Terpene is proven to help with the symptoms and causes of irritable skin. We also carry an all-natural cream with no menthol included.

More About 32d CBD

32d CBD is dedicated to providing our clients with some of the highest quality CBD topical muscle relief products on the market. We understand the extensive CBD uses for seniors, and we are glad to provide them to our customers through our CBD topical face creams. Contact us today to learn more.