Frequently Asked Questions about 32d CBD

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis. CBD is the active ingredient in virtually all of 32d's products. Studies show that CBD may promote a variety of health-related benefits.

No. Our CBD products are all THC-free. Please review our Certificates of Analysis lab reports.

We believe several key things separate 32d from other CBD companies:

  • We have uniquely effective formulas that have been tested for years to get exactly the right recipes.
  • We’re continuously working with key communities to determine the best ways to use our products depending on individual lifestyles and circumstances.
  • We’re one of the leaders in cannabinoid science thanks to the extensive knowledge and experience of our chemists.
  • We will offer unsurpassed transparency when it comes to our products:
  • We’re supported by reputable health care professionals who understand and believe in our products.

The primary difference is CBD content. Hemp oil is sourced from hemp’s seeds. It’s rich in healthy fatty acids but contains virtually no CBD. Hemp seed oil is used as a protein supplement for food, as varnish for wood, and is often used in hair and skin products.

On the other hand, CBD oil is extracted from hemp’s flowering tops and is rich in CBD. At 32d CBD, we use a whole plant CO2 extraction process to draw the CBD from plant material and filter out inactive ingredients while maximizing active ones.

CBD is proven to help seniors and people with sleep issues get a better night’s rest. One of the principal aspects of sleep deprivation for people that are suffering from it is the fact that they experience anxiety regularly. It is not uncommon for people suffering from anxiety and sleep deprivation to wake up in the middle of the night, thanks to their bodies being unrested due to anxiety. Alleviating anxiety and helping with sleep is one of the most useful CBD health benefits for seniors. 

CBD can also help people with itchy or irritable skin! This is especially true thanks to our menthol cream topical products, which provide an icy sensation that alleviates irritated skin. Also, many of our products are made with terpene, which provides more relief for skin conditions that lead to itchiness or irritation.

CBD and THC are radically different compounds. THC is the psychoactive compound that is commonly associated with feelings of being high, like intense muscle relaxations, bloodshot eyes, and impaired vision. CBD has none of these effects. Rather, using CBD provides the CBD health benefits for seniors that they look for, like anxiety relief and muscle relief without the overbearing feeling of being “high.” 

CBD is proven to relieve muscle aches. Our CBD topical relief cream is one of the best available in the market when it comes to CBD health benefits for seniors. CBD relieves muscle aches because There's a high concentration of cannabinoid receptors in the skin, and when CBD is applied topically, it activates the endocannabinoid system through those receptors. These receptors work to relax muscles and provide a sense of well-being. 

Our CBD oil topical cream is proven to relieve neck muscle relief. Neck muscle aches can be extremely intense, and CBD oil is perfect for this. To relieve neck discomfort, be sure to apply in the affected area and avoid getting anywhere near the eyes.

Topical CBD creams work by activating the natural cannabinoid receptors that we have in our bodies. When these are activated, they lead to muscle relaxation and well-being in people that are suffering from muscle aches. 

The best CBD for seniors is the one that helps alleviate whatever they are dealing with. Whether this is topical creams or tinctures like the ones that we offer, we have got you covered. CBD topical face creams are best for muscle relief and tension.