Seniors may get many benefits from CBD

7 Seniors smiling outside

Because we deal with an increase in health issues as we get older, it can be hard to find effective treatments for the wide range of physical problems. Plus, the potential side effects and risks of interacting medications may present additional health concerns.

That’s why many seniors consider CBD to be an effective answer.

Why is CBD growing in popularity with seniors?

The increasing number of seniors using CBD has grown quickly for the past ten years. People of every age are becoming aware about CBD’s potential benefits. Here are the two biggest reasons why seniors are enthusiastic about CBD.

  1. CBD can give seniors some relief from discomfort and they don’t have to worry about getting “spacey” or “weird”.
  2. A good night sleep is especially important for seniors so they can wake up refreshed. CBD helps many seniors get the quality sleep they need.

What common ailments can CBD help seniors with?

Our CBD topical creams are effective in providing relief from arthritis. This is because 32d CBD creams are designed with the most effective concentration of CBD plus additional terpenes and you can also get our cream with menthol added for extra relief.

Seniors often need help getting proper sleep. It may be due to medications, stress, joint discomfort or agitation. 32d CBD can help soothe away these issues and get you sleeping better.

Stress is a daily feeling for many seniors. 32d’s CBD products can provide a calming effect when experiencing daily stress.

Cognitive health is concern for every senior. Getting relief from physical discomfort and easing stress symptoms naturally helps seniors have a more positive attitude and feeling about the day. That means better focus, too.