Benefits of CBD for Seniors

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CBD products have become increasingly popular with older Americans because a growing number of people find CBD helps address common ailments they deal with regularly, such as sleep issues or muscle aches and joint discomfort.

This post talks about the special needs of the senior population and how CBD may benefit their general health and wellness.

Key Points:

  • The benefits of using CBD for seniors.
  • What is CBD (and what it isn’t).
  • How to use CBD creams and topicals to meet specific needs of seniors.
  • Why 32d CBD is the best option for seniors.

The Senior Benefits of CBD

Over 52.4 million seniors live in the U.S. Most are living on their own and still quite active, while some are cared for by family members or assisted living facilities.

While their lifestyles may vary, there are common conditions are usually present:

  • Feelings of restlessness.
  • Difficulty falling asleep and then getting a good night's sleep.
  • Aches and soreness that make it hard to relax comfortably or simply move around.

And this is where CBD for seniors may help improve these quality of life challenges.

The overview of how increasingly prevalent CBD use is among seniors was recently reported in this article by Consumer Reports.

Let’s briefly go over some of the benefits of CBD and how it can help seniors.

Understanding the Needs of Seniors

Seniors tend to be relatively active for their age depending on their overall health. But there are also those who chronically suffer the normal aches and soreness of just getting older.

Obviously, there’s a wide range of needs in the senior community, some of which can be benefit from CBD products. So, figure out both the needs and the goals you may have for CBD use by asking:

  • Lifestyle type? Active or less active? Can get around pretty easily or not so much? Good range of motion in joints without discomfort or not good in certain areas?
  • Muscular condition? Muscle aches and soreness? Stiffness or stinging?
  • Sleep experiences? Fall asleep easily or have trouble getting to sleep? Quality sleep or restless periods?
  • General frame of mind? Calm and relaxed or anxious and nervous?
  • Skin condition and allergies? Dry or sensitive skin? Allergies  that affect the skin?

Once you've answered these questions, you'll know how make intelligent decisions about CBD and you.

Topical Cream Use CBD for Seniors

Life’s hard when body aches and joint discomfort make even simple things like standing up or walking feel uncomfortable. Some seniors have issues with skin problems, too. CBD topical cream products, like 32d CBD Topical Creams are made to apply directly to the affected areas, which can be very helpful for seniors.

Skin Moisturizing for Dry or Uncomfortable Skin

Dry or cracking skin can cause serious discomfort for seniors. Many creams and lotions are petroleum-based products which hurts the benefits the skin receives from air. If you're using these types of products, you may want to change to CBD-based solutions.

CBD Cream for Seniors: How to Apply

With CBD topical creams for body and skin care, you can use them daily as desired or make them a part of your morning and nighttime routines.

Use enough of the product to apply smoothly and gently so not to drag or rub the skin uncomfortably. Seniors' skin be thin or more sensitive, so use as much of the cream as necessary to smooth over the skin carefully.

It may help sometimes to rub some of the cream in your hands first to slightly warm it up, and then apply it where needed, rubbing it in gently.

Pro Tips for Great Skin Health for Seniors

  • Watch out for the water being too hot for showers and baths.
  • Choose mild soaps.
  • Stay well-hydrated. (#1 priority for seniors!)
  • Make sure there's adequate indoor humidity (especially in cold weather).
  • Don't forget to use sunscreen outdoors.

Bottom line: Seniors may get a lot of benefit using CBD products

There are so many reasons for the rising popularity of CBD products for seniors. It may be an effective strategy to help live our best lives. Whether active or not really doesn’t matter. Seniors can still benefit from CBD products, especially from specially formulated 32d CBD products.

Every day should be as pleasant as possible. We're proud to say 32d has created products that may help every day for seniors. Please try our flagship products -- 32d CBD Topical Creams for Seniors. We're confident you'll feel the difference.