Does CBD Topical Cream Show Up on Drug Screen?

Can Topical CBD Show Up on a Drug Test?

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Since CBD is so widely used and has many benefits for people suffering from discomfort and aches, it could lead many to wonder whether or not it could appear on a drug test. The reason that many people could believe that using CBD could lead to a failed drug screen is that it comes from the cannabis plant. So, can topical CBD show on a drug test? 32d CBD is here to settle any questions from seniors or anyone else that may need the assistance of topical CBD cream. Continue reading for more. 

Can Topical CBD Oil Show Up on a Drug Test?

The answer to this question, you need to discover how much THC your topical cream or CBD product has. It is not uncommon for CBD products to contain THC, which is the intoxicating compound that is found in marijuana. Most drug tests do not test for CBD, but they do for THC.

THC is more present in some CBD products, so you will need to make sure to read the packaging carefully to understand how much THC is inside the product since this is the most mind-altering product associated with cannabis. Almost all topical CBD failed drug tests thanks to the inclusion of THC in lotion and ointment. Most CBD products are designed to have less than 0.3 percent of THC in them, which means that you should be relatively safe with most of them. 

Can Topical CBD Cause a Failed Drug Test?

Like other CBD products, topical CBD does not usually have a high concentration of THC, which means that users do not typically run the risk of a failed drug test when they are using topical CBD for arthritis in seniors or CBD topical cream for itchy skin.


A failed drug test is also less likely when you use a CBD lotion because rather than entering the bloodstream, the CBD in cream is absorbed through the skin, where it later interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the skin. This circumvents the need for CBD to enter the bloodstream, which would make it impossible to fail a drug test, even if the lotion were higher than 0.3% THC. In fact, the only way that a topical CBD lotion could cause a failed drug test is if it is used in a transdermal patch, but the CBD used here would need to have a concentration of THC higher than 0.3%. 


Most of the health benefits that CBD provides have to do primarily with reduced inflammation and muscle relief, especially when we are discussing topical creams. 

More About 32d CBD

So, can topical CBD show up on a drug test? The answer depends on the composition of the topical CBD and how a patient applies it. We are an experienced purveyor of topical CBD creams and other products that are designed to help seniors with common discomforts and ailments that have afflicted them. We are proud to provide some of the best CBD for seniors, including our topical menthol with CBD and topical menthol with terpenes. Contact us today to learn more about our CBD for sleep for seniors. 


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