ATTENTION SENIORS and MIDDLE-AGERS! Here’s your guide for safe and effective CBD use.

As you probably have heard by now, there are immediate benefits from using quality CBD products. That's why CBD has gained popularity in recent years.

Now, after years of research and development, 32d CBD is taking effectiveness to the next level with our formulations. Our compound can help older adults manage or overcome a myriad of issues and we know it can be confusing at first to understand CBD.

That's the purpose of this guide for you.

In this guide, we’ll begin with a simple three-step way to choose the best CBD products and explain all the CBD jargon you need to know to make smart decisions when buying CBD products.


Step 1 – What Do You Want to Achieve by Using CBD?

First of all, define your goals for using CBD. You may have trouble with joint discomfort or sleep quality -- things that get in the way of feeling your best which is the goal of many using CBD products like 32d.

Once you've determined you goals, it's time for...

Step 2 – Do you want products that are THC-free?

From our research, we believe products that are THC-free are the most effective because they don't make you "high" and spaced-out. That's why we formulate 32d products to be THC-free safe for maximum effectiveness.

Step 3 – What are the best ways to use CBD?

There are three most effective ways to use CBD - Creams/Topicals, Oils/Tinctures, and ingestible Gummies & Capsules.

Let's take a brief look at all three:

CBD Creams & Topicals

CBD creams and topicals are your best option for targeted action. You simply apply them over the affected area of muscle, joint, or bone aches or discomfort, or if you have a skin problem, like acne, eczema, or psoriasis.

32d has created two creams (Menthol and Natural) that are scientifically formulated for maximum effectiveness with 3000 mg of CBD plus 2000 mg of the most ideal terpenes.

CBD Oils & Tinctures

Oils and tinctures are some of the most versatile and effective options. You simply ingest them, leave them under your tongue for about one minute before swallowing, or add them to food or drinks.

While it’ll take at least 30 minutes to feel the effects, which is longer than with most other options, they’re also long-lasting and act on your whole body.

CBD Edibles and Capsules

If you don’t want to rub on creams or add CBD oil to food or beverages, you can choose to buy pre-made edibles. 32d doesn't currently offer edibles or capsules as we are working on the optimal formulation because the human digestive system breaks down most CBD compounds to the point where the effectiveness is greatly reduced. Until we develop a breakthrough formulation that alleviates the problems, we won't offer these types of products. But once we achieve efficacy success, you'll see us announce the products.

Please read our FAQs for further information.