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Recovery and Relief Roll-On – NATURAL


Achieve fast and effective relief with our Extra Strength Recovery and Pain Relief Roll-On with a Natural scent. Available in a 3-ounce version with 4500 mg of CBD and 3000 mg of terpenes, or a travel-friendly 1/3-ounce size with 500 mg of CBD and 350 mg of terpenes. This easy-to-apply roll-on targets inflammation and discomfort. Perfect for home use or on-the-go relief, it’s the ideal solution for anyone seeking fast, natural discomfort management.

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Introducing 32d CBD Extra Strength Recovery and Pain Relief Roll-On: Your powerful ally against discomfort and soreness, now available in two specially formulated sizes.

The full-sized 3-ounce version comes with a robust 4500 mg of CBD and 3000 mg of therapeutic terpenes, while the travel-friendly 1/3-ounce version is perfectly dosed with 500 mg of CBD and 350 mg of terpenes. Both options are crafted to offer significant relief from discomfort and to enhance your overall wellness.

Our roll-on applicator is designed for mess-free, precise application, allowing the potent blend of CBD and terpenes to directly target areas in need. This makes it incredibly effective at reducing inflammation, soothing sore muscles, and relieving pain, whether chronic or acute.

With a naturally soothing scent, our product provides a calm and pleasant aromatic experience, free from overpowering chemical odors. The compact size of the 1/3-ounce roll-on makes it exceptionally convenient for pain relief on the go, easily fitting into any pocket, purse, or carry-on luggage.

Ideal for those managing chronic pain conditions, athletes seeking recovery post-exercise, or anyone needing a natural method to ease daily tension and discomfort, 32d CBD Extra Strength Recovery and Relief Roll-On supports your body’s healing processes and helps maintain your active lifestyle without compromise.

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