Does CBD Cream work for Anxiety?

Woman with anxiety

CBD Cream for Anxiety One of the most popular uses that CBD has is alleviating anxiety. There are various ways to use CBD, with many distinctive benefits. There are many different forms of CBD that are useful for different purposes, including pills, gummies, and vape cartridges. Since 32d CBD is a purveyor of CBD topical…

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Can I Bring CBD Cream on an Airplane?

Photo of an airplane

Can I Bring CBD on an Airplane? Since CBD is such an effective treatment for seniors, there may be situations where seniors need to travel via airplane or car. An obvious question when someone needs to travel with CBD on their person is whether or not the treatment is allowed on the airplane that they…

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Does CBD Topical Cream Show Up on Drug Screen?

Photo of a scientist in a lab

Can Topical CBD Show Up on a Drug Test? Since CBD is so widely used and has many benefits for people suffering from discomfort and aches, it could lead many to wonder whether or not it could appear on a drug test. The reason that many people could believe that using CBD could lead to…

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How Can CBD Stop Itching?

Photo of a person with itchy skin

Can CBD Stop Itching? One of the most important remedies that our products offer people is relief for itchy skin. There are many causes for itchy skin, including cold weather or existing conditions like eczema or psoriasis. No matter the cause of your itching, having to constantly deal with it can be quite annoying, and…

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CBD Benefits for Seniors

Four Seniors Playing Football

CBD Benefits for Seniors There are many different types of health benefits that CBD offers seniors and younger people alike. Specifically, the most beneficial facet of CBD is its role in decreasing inflammation and promoting muscle relief. A senior citizen is likely to experience some of the regular muscle aches associated with aging and even…

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Benefits of CBD for Seniors

CBD products for seniors have become increasingly popular because a growing number of people find CBD helps address common ailments they deal with regularly, such as sleep issues or muscle aches and joint discomfort.

This post talks about the special needs of the senior population and how CBD may benefit their general health and wellness.

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Can CBD Be Used for Neck Discomfort?

Man rubbing neck area

One of the most annoying muscle aches that someone can experience is one that is in the neck. Seniors are among the top demographic groups that experience neck discomfort, and because of this, they should look into using CBD for neck muscle relief. CBD is an extremely effective measure that many people use to alleviate…

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