Ways to Reduce Muscle Aches and Joint Soreness

Man rubbing neck area

Find out how 32d CBD Topical Creams and Gummies combined with conventional methods of post-exercise rehabilitation, such as ice and stretching can speed up recovery and allow you to get back in the game — doing what you love.

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CBD Creams: The best ways to use

Woman rubbing hand with 32d CBD topical cream

CBD creams should be applied directly to the affected area using a small amount — similar to the amounts you’d use for skin cream and suntan lotion.

32d CBD creams have been specifically formulated to be optimally effective when used daily. Just rub it right into your muscles and joints for maximum effectiveness that takes about 20 minutes to work and lasts for hours.

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Does CBD Help Seniors Sleep?

Woman sleeping

One of the most important aspects of CBD that seniors should be aware of is the impact that it can have on their sleep. CBD for sleep for seniors is one of the primary aspects of our products and treatments that we look to help our customers and patients with. As people age and sleep…

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