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Tubes of 32d CBD Muscle Joint Relief cream

32d = THC-free CBD's Breakthrough Solution

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Why do seniors love 32d CBD?

Very simply, it works. It should be pretty obvious why the appeal for CBD is so enthusiastic among the boomer generation.

The 55+ age group is the fastest-growing demographic segment when it comes to using CBD products. This more mature crowd are the people willing to try new ways to benefit their health and wellness.

Are you experiencing any of these issues that are common to most seniors? Muscle and joint discomfort? Trouble getting a good night's rest? Anxious feelings or distress?

Listen to our customers. 32d CBD could help you, too.

32d - Discovered by Science

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Quality Sourcing

Every single ingredient used is expertly sourced and lab tested. We're committed to creating new formulas and refining existing ones. Our formulations set new standards for quality and efficacy. This includes the standards for our THC-free, terpene-optimized CBD cream.

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Innovative Processes

32d operates under strict guidelines while using state-of-the-art processes. This enhances the quality of our natural proprietary formula. It ensures our CBD products are unsurpassed in potency, quality, and consistency. Please read our Certificates of Analysis.

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Exceptional Products

Not all CBD is created equal. We believe that to create the best CBD products available, unsurpassed quality must be a priority at every stage. With this as a commitment, we achieve the industry-leading standard of excellence.