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Seniors everywhere are enthusiastic for CBD, and 32d CBD is emerging as the new leader on the shelves. With overwhelming positive feedback from everyday CBD users, we’ve created a brand that delivers you the best opportunity to elevate your sales to a higher level.

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32d CBD delivers the Best Quality + Best Price = Best VALUE for you

We offer the premium CBD products at prices that give your customers the optimal balance of quality and savings. We combine our unique, well-researched formulations to guarantee all products are THC-Free* with maximum effectiveness for seniors.​ Given our products' strengths, we offer a significantly lower price point than the other leading brands, to help increase your profits.

32d CBD Looking at Strong, Steady Growth

Analysts estimate the CBD industry in the U.S. will grow more than 700 percent with a value of more than $23 billion by 2023.

32d CBD is investing into this robust growth while consistently introducing new product lines and creating breakthroughs through scientific innovation led by our technology director, Lance Niemann.

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